Paper Artist Ivano Vitali

Paper Artist Ivano Vitali

Leaving through one of the great catalogues published by the Holland Paper Biennale I once again had to think about the work of Ivano Vitali at the Holland Paper Biennale 2008 where he also performed Live Paper Musiv in the CODA Museum in Apeldoorn. During the performance Vitali actually creates a kind of vest after tearing up newspaper, transforming it into thread and subsequenstly showing how he sews, knits and crochets with it.

A turning point in Vitalis artistic career was in 2002, when he decided to wear clothes made out of newspaper for his performances. Learning the necessary textile techniques from his mother, he started to transform pages into threads of every size. Headlines of newspapers stay visible thanks to his glue-less technique and therefore the pieces also document a moment in history.

Huge “string-balls” made out of different newspapers vary in colour and are ready to be knit with – the needles having the appropriate size, of course.

Boa by Paper Artist Ivano Vitali
Boa (2005), made of yellow pages (“Pagine Gialle”)

Ivano Vitali: Rosa bomb-on
Dress made out of the newspaper “La Gazzetta dllo Sport” (jacket: Rosasport (2004), Miniskirt (2004) and “bomb-on” (2006)

A lot of Vitalis work is also centered around the creation of elegant garments out of very fine paper yarn made of different, mainly Italian newspapers, unprinted newspaper paper or the yellow pages.

Paper Artist Ivano Vitali

And there is more abstract work as well as performance videos on Ivano Vitali’s homepage – definitely a must-see for paper (yarn) lovers!


  1. Hi Linda!
    I saw Ivano Vitali’s paper knitting at the paper biennale and it’s amazing!!! The paper market is on the 12th September this year…are you coming? ;-)
    best wishes…

  2. Hi Andrea,

    well, the paper market is on my schedule – but I’m not sure yet if I’ll be able to make it!
    In case I’ll be there I’ll drop you a line – perhaps there is the possibility for some coffee somewhere?

    Unfortunately I haven’t seen Ivano Vitali’s work in real yet but I think it’s amazing nevertheless!

    Perhaps till September…

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