Paper Twine: A cat-friendly material

Barbara's Bag made of Paper Twine - with Cat
The feline assistant is checking the quality of the Paper Twine

Just a few words and pictures to share with you about the cat-friendliness of Paper Twine! Barbara, a fellow Viennese “Craftista” is currently working on her first bigger Paper Twine project: a crocheted summer bag in white and natural. Or at least she is working on it as long as her tomcat, Pommes, allows her to do so – as you can see Pommes has taken a liking to paper twine as well. Luckily the twine is sturdy enough to survive any cat-attack! And even if it’s chewed on paper twine is not a problem for the feline assistant: there are no small hairs to swallow and no dyes or additives that could make the material harmful (… and it’s not really tasty so the chewing won’t last long). And last, but not least, Barbara says that Paper Twine is not only great to work with once you’ve gotten used to it but also any cat hair is just falling through the crocheted pieces of the future bag. Paper Twine is so smooth that cat hair just can’t stick to it. So – as opposed to most other materials – there are no longer-lasting hairy signs of the animal assistant once you leave your home or studio! We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the bag (or, as it is currently known, the cat-nap-rug).

Paper Twine: A cat-friendly material to work with
Barbara's Bag made of Paper Twine - Crocheted
The Cat-Nap-Rug that will become a crocheted summer bag shortly (sorry, Pommes!)

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