On their way to be turned into a coiled basket by a happy customer.  How cute is this little basket? Made in a random weave technique by @littlepennypocket Lee Leibrandt and available in her Etsy store (together with many others). : @littlepennypocket / discovered through @string_harvest
 Sent out to a customer for a end-of-year-project - wondering what will be made out of them...  Already on its way to a dear customer (hopefully not stuck in the snow): a box filled with handmade paper yarns.
 How lovely to see our old pirns put to good use again by @oldloomhandwovens When Annalie enquired about our pirns / spindles we were not completely sure if they would work with her shuttles (because shuttles tend to be different) but they do! : @oldloomhandwovens  Trying to warm up our frozen toes by staring at orange paper raffia (and waiting for the heating guy to finally show up).