Plan for today: crochet one of these little abaca paper raffia baskets and write down the pattern while doing so (and not getting distracted by chocolate eggs...)  What a luxury to have a workshop/office/atelier where it’s possible to sit and think and work in quiet while the 4-year-old is up to nothing but trouble at home (too much pent up energy...). Wishing everybody good nerves for the weekend!
 What a wonderful springtime card by @khpapier_liebelei especially for all of us who are stuck at home and can‘t enjoy nature as we would usually do. All the tools and accessories for this card can be found at our stockist @alexandrarenke : @khpapier_liebelei  Busily packing orders (quite lonely all alone in the studio)
 Talking to the studio cacti... but at least it keeps me somewhat sane while working alone...  « Mum! It needs hair! » and as we all know: never contradict a 4-year-old while you’re stuck at home during a pandemic... #paperraffia