We’re sharing this beautiful project and picture by @nudobamnamoo as inspiration for a weekend filled with creativity and calm. : @nudobamnamoo  You remember when we were kids and a postcard would come from a far away place with a much coveted stamp? Sometimes we still feel awe about those far away places and the possibility to send our parcels to those dots on the globe  like Tasmania. Tasmania! We‘re based in Vienna so @flywheel_tasmania is literally around the world and we‘re proud to not only send them our paper twines but to see them put to use in such a beautiful way. Thank you! : @flywheel_tasmania
 The busiest time of the year is here! (and also the time when everybody gets sick 🤦‍♀️)  Bundles of joy and creative endeavour while being environmentally friendly with sustainably grown wood fibers. Our paper twines ❤️ (and did we mention that they‘re vegan... just in case...).
 Working on an order for a new retailer here in Vienna (yes - finally you’ll be able to actually buy pur products in a shop in Vienna, too)  Look closely at this shelf filled with papery delights at @niconeco_zakkaya and you‘ll spot... yes? Our paper yarns and paper twines! So if you‘re heading to the East Village in New York anytime soon make sure you stop by at @niconeco_zakkaya (it‘s on our wishlist!). : @niconeco_zakkaya