A paperlover’s findings!

A Paperlover...

A Paperlover...


Paper Yarns and Paper Twines have long been forgotten though now are slowly rediscovered as an environmentally benign and sustainable material made from European wood and easily recyclable. As a very light though sturdy, simple and nevertheless elegant material they offer endless possibilities to the advanced artisan as well as to the intrigued student and curious designer.

After years of experimenting and experiencing the unique qualities of Paper, Paper Yarns and Paper Twines PaperPhine was founded in 2009. Combining formal and informal training in a wide variety of textile techniques as well as paper making and bookbinding, the always curious and passionate PaperPhines are constantly looking for new ways to use their materials of choice, preserving and reviving old techniques and incoporating state-of-the-art methods onto their designs.


I need to admit, I love paper. No matter if it’s machine or handmade, in sheets, books, strips, as a writing or a raw material (especially to make paper yarn out of it) – the possibilities just never stop to impress me.
Though I’m currently based in Vienna (Austria) I tend to travel quite a bit – and whereever I go I seek out shops, makers, printers, people working with or on paper or who write and do research about it.

This blog is all about paper – or at least small aspects that come to my attention and that I consider worth spreading. I hope you enjoy it!