Seashell + Paper Twine = Seaside Breeze! Thanks to Today’s Letters

Today's Letters - Seashell and Paper Twine Mobile

Made by Em of Today’s Letters: A souvenir from her seaside vacation in Mexico

What a wonderful start into the week: a seaside souvenir by Em who together with her husband Mr. Loerke, runs the fabulous blog Today’s Letters – besides doing a lot of other stuff, of course. Today’s Letters started as a collection of letters Em wrote to her husband and vice versa and they are definitely filled with a lot of positive thoughts and energy – and their List of {10 Things} That Have Made All The Difference In Our Marriage is definitely worth a read even if you’re not married (recommended reading to boyfriends as well!).

Today's Letters Seaside Souvenir

Ingredients for a lovely selfmade souvenir of days spent on the Mexican beach: seashells and a little Paper Twine

Em (and Mr. Loerke of course) do not only share their life – and take mouthwatering pictures – but there is also a quite a lot of self-made spirit to be found in their home and on their blog. With a little Paper Twine Em transformed her Mexican sea shells into a lovely small hanging souvenir that makes you feel the seaside breeze and sun – what for a great start into the new week!

All pictures made and provided by Em – thanks!

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