2019 – Our Plans

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It’s already the end of January and we have no idea how the first weeks of the year could pass so quickly (though it needs to be said that family matters kept members of the studio quite busy – winter is no joke this year).

Our plans and news for this year as far as we had time to plan during the busy pre-holiday season:

Holidays in March: the whole studio will be closed during the whole of March and there won’t be any shipping. We’ll check emails regularily though. We’ll use this month for some much needed holidays, professional training, updates to the studio infrastructure (heating system!) and to work on new products.

New Paper Yarns in April: Yes, there will be new paper yarns in April. We don’t want to tell you too much about them yet but we’re already very excited and we know that they will make a lot of you very happy (finally some much requested but until now impossible to source paper yarns will finally be available).

New DIY Kits: There are many ideas in our heads – hanging flower pots, paper twine flowers, tiny baskets, wall decoration… and some of them will become full-fledged kits this year!

Our Packaging Solutions: we’re not entirely happy with the packaging of our orders for shipping. In an ideal world we would use nothing but 100% post consumer recycled paper and cardboard boxes for wrapping, packing and shipping. But since we have to deal with postal services all over the world (with ever-changing regulations and rules) that are not always treating our shipments with the respect and care that we would wish for we’re not yet living in this ideal world. But we’ll keep trying and will keep reducing all non-recycled materials during the year as well as recycling as much as we can ourselves. We’re working on it.

More Paper Twines: Yes, we do. Or at least we plan. Besides the new paper yarns and paper raffias in April there will hopefully be more right before the holiday season for an exciting (and eco-friendly) packing season.

What do you want from us? Anything you can think of – projects, ideas, new paper yarns, suggestions for your packaging worries, etc. – drop us a line

PaperPhine Instagram 2019
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