PaperPhine in Print: UPPERCASE Issue 12

UPPERCASE magazine – Issue 12

We’re a joyful trio of girls here at the PaperPhine studio and we can get pretty excited about all things paper and a lot more. And sometimes even our neighbours know that we’re happy because it can get slightly loud… and on the day UPPERCASE Issue 12 arrived it definitely was known in the whole house!

We’ve long been avid readers of Janine’s UPPERCASE blog that is a mixture of posts about design, paper and print as well as inspiring pictures and interviews with creative people around the world. Oh, and paper lovers, of course – a lot of paper lovers!

PaperPhine in UPPERCASE Issue 12
PaperPhine in UPPERCASE Issue 12

Currently there is already UPPERCASE Issue 13 in delivery (but you can get back issues as well as subscriptions here) but we had to wait for our copy to come back from its tour around Europe to have a closer look at it and tell you all about it. Tour around Europe? Yes indeed – the “can I borrow it for one day” by an illustrator friend stretched to a full tour around Europe, the magazine being passed on from hand to hand until it ended up in our studio in Vienna again. Luckily we had removed the great insert – a hand-made seed paper card by Porridge Papers – before passing it on… otherwise it might not have come back!


One of the questions Linda answered on behalf of PaperPhine in UPPERCASE Issue 12:

For someone who hasn’t used paper twine or yarn in a craft before, what would you suggest as a starting project?

I would suggest to just get some paper twine and start doing – there shouldn’t be a lack of ideas once you have the material in your hands! Paper twine is stiffer than other twines so if you start bending, knotting or wrapping it around stuff it will acutally really nicely keep the shapes you create. Combine it with paper or cardboard to create tags and cards and slightly undo the paper twines’ cut ends for a more romantic effect. Paper twine is smooth so you can glue it onto things if you want to – or put a needle with thread through it to sew it onto your latest DIY project as the final touch. And of course if you’re comfortable with knitting needles or crochet hooks you’ll be amazed by the possibilities that this material offers.

Issue 12 also features a story by Justine from upon a fold about her Japanese papermaking adventures and much more to keep you occupied and reading (and it’s definitely not a magazine you can just flip through in 15 minutes!)

So – all we can say: grab a copy or even a subscription of UPPERCASE in the UPPERCASE online shop or at one of the stockists stockists.

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