Two Ways: Paper Twine rug by HAY

Paper Cord Carpet "Two Ways" by HAY
Two Ways rug by Danish company HAY – design by Merete Laurent Erbou

No need to tell you that I love these rugs, is there? They’re made of Paper Twine (or papercord, as the company calls it) and are manufactured by the Danish company HAY. Fittingly the rugs are called Two Ways because thanks to their construction in 3 layers you can flip them over to change their look. Each rug is made of three shades of twine, a strong fluorescent color combined with natural and grey so you can choose what amount of color you want to have in your rooms!

Paper Cord Carpet "Two Ways" by HAY

Paper Cord Carpet "Two Ways" by HAY

Paper Cord Carpet "Two Ways" by HAY

The rugs were designed by Merete Laurent Erbou for HAY – and they’re actually woven in India. This last fact makes these astonishing pieces rather affordable (usually paper rugs tend to be rather expensive due to the high amount of labour involved).
Definitely a first item on the wish list for Christmas…

2 responses to “Two Ways: Paper Twine rug by HAY”

  1. Hans Pedersen says:

    Where can I buy these in approx 80×200 cm ?

  2. paperphine says:

    Hi Hans, I’m afraid we don’t know. To our knowledge these rugs are not produced anymore but it would be best to contact Hay.

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