Paper Twine Flower

PaperPhine: New Paper Twine Flowers
A new Paper Twine Flower in summer colors

Once you get hooked by making paper twine flowers possibilities seem endless and as soon as one flower is finished you think about the next one. The good thing is that you hardly need any supplies: 2 to 3 in of paper twine for each petal (and even less for the smaller flowers) and some additional inches of paper twine for the inner parts of the flower that can easily be made very realistic carpels by a simple knot in the twine. Once the cut paper twine for the petals is “opened up” (leave a pointy bit on top) and the inner parts are all cut and knotted, everything can be arranged and fixed onto a wooden skewer that can either be painted green or covered with green/brown tissue paper. Alternatively you can also use a piece of floral wire for the stems.

PaperPhine: New Paper Twine Flowers

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