KNOT Paper Twine Jewelry

KNOT Necklace by PaperPhine
KNOT can be worn as a necklace as well as a bracelet

We introduced out new KNOT jewelry line in August this year (here and here) and it has become a huge success. In fact we sold so many that our supplier ran out of the beautiful, matte latches we used to add even more options in the style you can wear the necklace/bracelet. But now the latches are back in stock and because they were made especially for us in Germany we now do have a lot of them in the studio!

PaperPhine KNOT Bracelet - Made of Paper Twine

If you’re looking for a Christmas present for one of your loved ones (or for yourself) then this versatile piece might be what you’ve been looking for. KNOT jewelry is made of paper twine and it can get wet though to keep the pieces in pristine condition we recommend to take them off before washing the dishes or going for a romantic walk in the rain! All pieces are packed in clear gift-boxes and if you need them wrapped as gift just drop us a line and we’ll whip up a fantastic, papery gift for you. Buy it online in our etsy shop.

KNOT jewelry made by PaperPhine - Hand-made - Paper Twine

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